Understanding the Diamond Colours

When it comes to finding the right diamond earrings, there are many factors you will want to think about to buy just the right ones. One of the biggest factors to think about with this is the diamond colours you want to go with. There are many different colours which is why it is important to understand the significance of this. What are the Colour Options? Diamond colours can really range from the normal clear, whitish colour people expect to yellows, browns, pinks and reds. You can also find blues, blacks and even green diamonds as well. They can take on almost any colour you can think of. Are Coloured Diamonds Natural? The first thing to understand is that there are many man-made diamonds in existence today. However, this does not mean that all coloured diamonds are man-made. In fact, this is something that can happen naturally as they form. For example, yellow and brown diamonds are created when there are higher levels of nitrogen during the diamond creation process in the earth. Are the Diamonds Man-Made? With all...

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Options for Diamond Earrings

If you are shopping for diamond earrings, there are a few things you should know. It is important to know the options for diamond earrings. Understanding what to look for will help you to find the right ones for your needs. Here are the factors you will want to look at. The Style This is the first thing to look at and for good reason. You do not want to inspect the quality and other factors of earrings that simply are not the style you are looking for. Whether you are looking for tear drop earrings, hoops or even just a pair of beautiful diamond solitaire stud earrings you should know this upfront. This will help to make the search for the right pair even easier. Quality The next thing you will want to look at with your diamond earring options is the quality of the earrings. There are a few aspects that make up the quality of the diamond. One is the number of carats. This is the weight and size of the diamond. You will also want...

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Famous Diamond Earrings to Know About

There are many diamond earring options to choose from when you are shopping. If you are feeling indecisive or do not know which way to go, it can be helpful to know about some of the most famous diamond earrings. This can help you to find a style you love and want to go with. Marie Antoinette’s Diamond Earrings These drop style earrings are not only old but stunning at the same time. The interesting thing about these earrings is that not all the earrings have the exact same colour or clarity. Also, the design of the diamonds is unique and spectacular. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna’s Wedding Earrings This is another example of stunning and unique earrings. They are drop earrings that resemble cherries at the bottom. While getting diamonds this large may be next to impossible for your budget, you may be able to find ones that have smaller diamonds or other accents with them as well. Queen Letizia of Spain This beautiful queen has set many fashion trends and is always on point when it comes to having...

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Your Guide to Buying Diamond Earrings

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Diamond Colour Options

Diamond Earring There are many options for your diamond earrings. One of the options you need to think about is the colour you want with your earrings.

Diamond Earring Tips

Diamonds When buying diamond earrings, there are a few tips that can make this process easier and help you to get just what you are looking for.

Famous Diamond Earrings

Earring You should know some of the most famous diamond earrings of all time. By understanding the different options out there, you can find the right pair.